Who says Mac’s don’t get viruses?

Apple computers don’t get viruses: Who Says Macs Don’t Get Viruses?

By Rhos Barnes of THE PC TECH GUYS, Squamish, British Columbia

Some people say “ Don’t scared about viruses, just get the Mac. ” Is this advice on the really accurate? Let’s have a look at the history of Mac computer security, and learn why this statement and if it is true or false.

Today we’ll be talking about a lot of the myths and realities connected with security and viruses on the Mac platform. We’ll also be looking over why people so normally think “Macs don’t get viruses” in addition to why Macs may (or may well not be) safer computers in comparison with Windows machines. And since usual, if you have any computing horror stories relating to Macs, viruses, and spyware.
Marketing and advertising the “Virus-Free” Computer

Macs cant get a virus  (here is the link to apple commercial)

Macs have always been touted as the “virus-free” system. There are a lot of truths to this, or a number of myths. More often than not, it can be hard to draw the line between what is the truth and what is simply advertising doublespeak. Check out the video above. Most of these lines are particularly loaded:

(Transcript to the commercial) – Macs cant get a virus

PC: I think I got that virus that’s going around. You’d better stay back, this one’s a real hum-dinger.

Mac: Okay, I’ll be fine.

PC: Don’t be a hero! Last year there were a known 140,000 known viruses for PCs.

Mac: PCs, not Macs.PC: I think I got that virus that’s going around. You’d better stay back, this one’s a real hum-dinger.

Mac: Okay, I’ll be fine.

PC: Don’t be a hero! Last year there were a known 140,000 known viruses for PCs.

Mac: PCs, not Macs.

This is interesting wording, because it’s technically true. Viruses are like any program—they ought to be written with platform distinct languages, with instructions written for that machine, operating system, kind of processor, etc.

What does which means that in non-nerd speak? Which Macs can’t run native Windows programs without running a Windows. And because then it’s a Windows operating system. Since malware are programs too, Windows viruses can’t be operate on OS X. So, those people “140, 000 known viruses” are really inert on Mac’s or OSX operating system (Apple’s operating system). What this doesn’t mean (and this can be where the clever wording has play) is that Macs are somehow immune to help viruses. Let’s take a peek at the realities of viruses on the Mac platform.

Apple continues to be criticized by many for choosing “security through minority. ” This basically signifies that Macs are more secure than Windows machines given that they have less exposure—that there are simply less Macs around to produce viruses for. When you go through the market share (bar graph above) that Windows computers have and pay attention to how they stack up against the amount of OS X computers, this begins to become clear.

Like any small business investment, malware and viruses patiently and manpower to build. Remember that the primary motivation for creating, distributing and infecting computers is for monetary gain. People make viruses for reasons of ego, financial gain, respect, effect and several other reasons that are malicious or want attention. However viruses writers and programmers are now hired by organized crime, mafia, gangs because organized crime has realized there is a lot of money to be made. Because they are organized, you can imagine them as a business too. They want the most beneficial return on the investment of this time and manpower, therefore it makes the most feeling to cast the widest net and buy Windows machines, simply because many more computers in the world will be running Windows. Statistically communicating, the more machines managing a platform, the more users will certainly exist that don’t upgrade their security patches, or will permit malware to be installed on their machines.

While Apple computers have become more and more common in the past ten approximately years, the landscape of laptop or computer users hasn’t been completely different from where it once was. It still makes by far the most sense to develop viruses for that largest platform for the biggest return on investment. Therefore, Macs are “safe” because it’s an excellent viable investment of period and labor to screw over Mac users.

Think of it this way, you are an evil mad programmer who wants to screw up peoples computers and you are going to make an awesome evil virus to screw up peoples computers. Well you are not going to make a virus that will only affect Tom the woodworker who lives 2 streets over. You would want to make the biggest impression and most destruction. So unless you want to infect only 1 out of 20 computer users who own a computer, then you’ll write it for Mac. But if you want to infect 19 out of 20 computers you will write it for Windows.

Security through minority looks like it’s working for Mac, but lately in the last 3 years, there has been a lot of viruses for mac. So this type of thinking has many people finally paying the extra money for a mac and thinking they are secure.

Here’s just what seems inevitable: more and more people are going to use personal computers connected with any variety, be these people Windows, Mac OS or Linux. While the Windows market may well grow faster in a world where increasing numbers of people are starting to use the internet, in a world where much more people are using pcs, even more people need to be using Macs. Will be set out to see niche profit-driven malware? It seems very plausible—security through minority will probably not work forever.

While I’ve been running The PC TECH Guys and providing service for Mac computers, almost 80 percent of my calls for Mac systems are virus related or something to do with a complication from a user being locked out of their browser or the computer logging off or their internet browser safari being hijacked. We are the best at Mac virus removal in our area and we can help you stay secure if you are having similar difficulties in this area with your Mac, you should give us a call.

Rhos Barnes




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