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Itunes and Mp3’s are too quiet or too loud. How this can be fixed on Windows or Mac. Normalizing audio songs

All my Itunes or Mp3 player songs are either too loud or too quiet.  How do I fix this??

By Rhos Barnes [caption id="attachment_896" align="alignleft" width="300"]Normalize your media collection of Mp3's on Itunes or Windows or Mac Normalize itunes songs that are too loud or too quiet, fix your mp3s so you can finally hear the music properly[/caption] Itunes and Mp3's are too quiet or too loud. How this can be fixed on Windows or Mac.  Normalizing audio songs. Sometimes just sometimes when your listening to music, its like bang the next song so loud and previous song or song after is so darn quiet that your continually adjusting yyour volume level on your cellphone.  And after creating a playlist of your favorite songs you need to adjust the volume for...

Who says Mac’s don’t get viruses?

Apple computers don't get viruses: Who Says Macs Don’t Get Viruses?

By Rhos Barnes of THE PC TECH GUYS, Squamish, British Columbia dwightschrute_false_mac-300x207Some people say “ Don’t scared about viruses, just get the Mac. ” Is this advice on the really accurate? Let’s have a look at the history of Mac computer security, and learn why this statement and if it is true or false. Today we’ll be talking about a lot of the myths and realities connected with security and viruses on the Mac platform. We’ll also be looking over why people so normally think “Macs don’t get viruses” in addition to why Macs may (or may well not be) safer computers in comparison with Windows machines. And since usual, if you have any computing horror stories relating...
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